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Job For You BD, has been in the Worker Supply industry for over about a decade and has emerged as a leader and pace-setter. From its inception in 2010, Job For You BD has grown rapidly and is currently over 1200 strong and situated in every major region in Bangladesh.  Security personnel are being deployed in all over the country. Job For You BD emanates an aura of class and dedication. It is a name that people can trust blindly. But as most of us know, trust takes years to build. Our large organization, comprising of more than 1200 employees, took about a decade to firmly secure its roots.

Our History

In the context of the socio-economic context of Bangladesh, the widespread problem of the educated and the illiterate unemployed, on the other hand, it is difficult to find skilled workers in the country of this large population. The Job For You BD  has been providing services for a decade, transforming a large population into manpower. He was established in Mister Md. Oliullah 2010. Since its establishment, it has continuously been providing multi-faceted services including supply of staff. Currently internationally recognized SDG goals; Especially with the goal of achieving Goal-8 and making Vision 21 success, the Job For You BD  is moving fast.

Our Philosophy

Job For You BD  is a dynamic and versatile Worker Supply company that has revolutionized the Worker Supply including Security Guard Services Bangladesh industry by applying strategies, techniques, and tactics that are responsive, effective, and highly efficient. We strive to develop our guards, operations, and management to be sensitive to our customers. Our customer-focused approach has allowed us to truly understand the diversities and intricacies of their needs.

Our Clientele

Job For You BD  started out with only 7 Worker back in 2010. Today the company boasts a clientele of over 1200 strong. Our diverse and venerable clientele encompasses local, international and multinational organizations and concerns, medium to large corporate institutions, factories and foreign residents.

Our Expertise

Job For You BD  (Worker Supply including Security Guard Services Bangladesh) We provide Mainly worker Supply including completes security solutions. Our services include providing security guards, supervisors, ushers, bouncers, female security personnel, background checks/ security checks, death claims/medical claims to just to name a few.

Our Affiliation

Job For You BD is a member of ‘Howlder Enterprise’ Anirban, Sotodal, etc. Job For You BD continuously evaluates the state of Worker situation in the country and determines the revised security needs of the localities.

Our Rise

Since inception, the need for Worker has tripled all over the world and Bangladesh has been no different. To meet the growing demand, Job For You BD  stepped up to serve this great purpose. Today Job For You BD  has over 1,200 Worker & staff deployed all over the country with more than 60 clients (1200 posts). There are over 20 security companies in Bangladesh today and Job For You BD  has emerged as a leader among them. Job For You BD  has been humbled and honored by this great acceptance by the people.

Employee Welfare Scheme

Job For You BD ‘s Welfare Scheme can be considered as a branch of CSR at Job For You BD. All personnel at Job For You BD  are insured against accident and death. We pay their personnel regularly at the end of 30 days cycle including their overtime and Festival bonus. The company also has free medical consultation for the personnel. Job For You BD  also bears limited expenses for medical treatment amongst other benefits.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The company’s view towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to “support the people who support us”. Some of the schemes include

  • Student Scholarship Program for employee’s children
  • Orphanages in 1 village
  • Annual Eid Cloth distribution
  • Voluntary Clean-Up.
  • Free Computer Lab.

Want to learn more about Job For You BD  and what makes us, simply the best? Job For You BD  invites you to take a tour of our state of the art, modern facilities, headquarters or regional offices.

Customers are the most important to us. Unlike any other security company in Bangladesh, even the MD and top-level Directors like to be involved directly with customers. Customers are always served with a personal touch. We can arrange special tours for you, your organization, company or concern that are tailor-made to learn more about you, your security needs and enlighten you on our abilities.

In 2010, Brig. Md. Oliullah founded the pioneering Job For You BD.

Our Inception

After years of experience working at one of the pre-dominant Worker Supply providers in Bangladesh, the Job For You BD  Gas field, Metro real and Payra bond or etc Brig. Md. Oliullah identified a crucial scarcity.

Our Foundation

He realized that given the volatile nature of the socio-political fabric of Bangladesh, an ever-increasing demand for timely, professional and proper security was born. To meet that ever-rising demand, Job For You BD  was founded in November 2010  by Md. Oliullah with only 16 guards deployed in three organizations.

Our Phenomenal Growth

“Job For You BD”  has been growing exponentially since its birth. With rising demand worldwide for greater and more comprehensive and effective security service, Job For You BD  has stepped up to guide itself to the top of the security services provider industry of Bangladesh. With over 20 competing firms, Job For You BD  has clearly reigned supreme. Now the company has over 400 security guards deployed all over the country with more than 1200 Worker.

We have the strongest management team with varied experiences of serving in the military both at home and abroad. Most of our senior management was trained abroad with experience of serving in the Country.

Board of Directors

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Job For You BD  has deployed personnel in all over the country. Our capability to mobilize personnel to any remote part of Bangladesh surpasses all others. We are everywhere.

As of today’s Job For You, BD  has over 1,200 Worker, which is one of the highest numbers of employees in a Worker Supply including Security Guard Services Bangladesh. Our ever-increasing force is constantly vigilant all over the country and is equipped to coordinate, respond and handle any hazard, anytime, anywhere.

Our Reach

We have set up 2 regional offices and 3 sub-offices to reach clients spread out all over the country. Job For You BD  has a state of the art training academy in Dhaka, which is just 4KM away from Baridhara Diplomatic Zone.  We are the only security company in the country to provide service even in the remotest possible areas of Bangladesh. Job For You BD  is Bangladesh’s premium security services company. But what sets us apart is our diligent, incessant pursuit of excellence in our work.

Expertise & Diligence

We provide the widest range of security solutions across all 64 districts of Bangladesh, as well as maintaining a steady international clientele. Our operations are coordinated by the very best of military-trained, professional and a dexterous workforce.

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Words Of Managing Director

Md Oliullah,

This is Md. Oliullah, Managing Director of Job For You BD, would like to welcome you to our Company Profile. We have been diligently serving our clients to reach out to their customers through Providing worker according to your requirement. Our cumulative team effort ensures maximum value addition through efficient  work process. We are intended to provide diversified services with our core one to make sure our clients get delighted whenever they hand on any responsibilities to us.

I would like to thank you for getting in touch with us and would welcome you to create a long term relationship which assures win-win situation for both parties.”

Md. Oliullah

Managing Director (MD)

Job for You BD

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